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SAP solution manager 7.2 Charm configuration

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Hi All,

While configuration the Charm for JAVA system followed by CTS+, in the urgent change while moving the change "To be tested" it does not move the transport to QA system, while the TR import to QA is possible using CTS+.

Also when I look the transport in the task list , It show that the transports are disabled for manual import.

Please help



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Hello Ravi,

Regarding the first point, the difference between Normal/Standard Changes and Urgent changes are, in urgent changes, you do not have the option of creating ToC for testing, unlike Normal/Standard Change. Once the status is set to "To be Tested", the actual TR is released and imported to Quality system. Hence, when you change the status from "In Development" to "To be Tested", the TR is released from Dev system, added to Quality buffer and imported to Quality system in one-go.

Urgent changes are the ones where the outcome is known and is not a new functionality or any modification. Urgent changes are used to resolve issues where business is disrupted, and an immediate action needs to be taken to resolve this. Hence the term "Urgent". 🙂 🙂

Regarding Point 2, unlike Normal/Standard Change, you cannot move the transports manually using the Task List in Change Control Administration. Transports created under Urgent Change will only be moved from Dev to Quality and then to Production using the approval-based workflow which will depend on the roles. This is the standard functionality of Urgent Change.



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Dear Ravi

your question seems to be outside of SAP Convergent Charging feature. Can you confirm this and remove the tag if this is the case. Else please add details to your question.

Best regards,