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SAP Signavio vs SAP GRC Process Control - Finance processes

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Hello community!

Looking for some practical use cases and overall high level comparison analysis between Signavio and GRC process control module which I understand are both now SAP Products.

I am specifically interested in how functionalities of these can be practically applied in month end close finance and reporting process areas.

Could you direct or guide me in the above please as it would help me much as I am literally starting from scratch in both products/solutions.

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Dear mateusz-nowak,

Thank you for reaching out with your interest in understanding the practical applications of Signavio and SAP GRC Process Control for month-end close finance and reporting processes.

Signavio is primarily designed for business process management. It excels in mapping, analyzing, and optimizing financial processes like month-end closing. You can use it to identify inefficiencies, streamline workflows, identify compliance violations and enhance collaboration among team members for more efficient financial reporting.

On the other hand, SAP GRC Process Control focuses on governance, risk, and compliance aspects. It's invaluable for assessing risks, managing controls, and ensuring compliance within your month-end processes. This tool helps in mitigating financial reporting risks and maintaining adherence to accounting standards and regulations.

In summary, while Signavio optimizes and improves the efficiency of your month-end processes, SAP GRC Process Control ensures these processes are compliant and risk-managed. Depending on your primary need - process optimization or compliance assurance - you can combine the tools by connecting them. This means that all the GRC information will be synced into the process management world of SAP Signavio. 

Process and control information are modeled and visualized in SAP Signavio while control performance, monitoring and evaluation are executed within SAP Process Control. It should be possible to drill-down from Signavio to the local control details showing control results, evidence, and issues for specifically authorized users. In addition, the SAP Signavio control data should be kept in sync with the maintained central control data in SAP Process Control.


  1. Usage of process, control, and task visualization capabilities in SAP Signavio.
  2. Drill-down to respective control performance, monitoring and evaluation results in SAP Process Control.
  3. Authorization and access are secured via entity-level authorizations. No additional user-role maintenance is needed.
  4. Reduction of duplicate maintenance effort as the control data can be kept in sync via im-/export between SAP Signavio and SAP Process Control.

Please let us know if you need further assistance or specific guidance as you explore these solutions. Happy to schedule a call.

Best regards,
Josh Nganyadi