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SAP S4Hana integration with Third Party HR system - Employee Master Data

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Hi Experts,

We are in the process of implementing S4Hana as a Greenfield project, and a crucial aspect of this implementation involves integrating a third-party HR system with the S4Hana system. This third-party system serves as the master for employee details, housing approximately 20,000 records.

As we delve into the integration planning, our focus is on identifying suitable options within S4Hana for replicating employee master data from the third-party system. Upon examining the available options in the Business Accelerator Hub, we discovered a lack of standard APIs in S4Hana specifically designed for employee integration.

Furthermore, our exploration revealed a solution for integrating with SuccessFactors for employee master data replication through the PA_SE_IN 100 addon. However, we encountered a gap in available solutions when it comes to integrating with a third-party HR system.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could provide information on the APIs within S4Hana that are designated for employee master data integration. Additionally, we are interested in knowing if there is any existing standard solution tailored for this specific integration scenario.

Kind regards, Vijay

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