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SAP Portal to SRM SSO not working for the first time. It works for the second time

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Hi Experts,

We have configured SSO from SAP EP to SAP SRM system. Below points are already checked.

1) Certificates are exchanged between SAP Portal & SAP SRM

2) Trust Established to SAP SRM from SAP Portal

3) System Object for SAP SRM Created and Connection Test is passed

Now, while perform the testing of SSO from System Admin --> Support --> Test and Configuration Tools --> choose transaction --> Selected SRM system alias and mentioned common t.code (ex: SMEN) and clicked on Submit

We ended up with netweaver logon screen. If we close that and repeat the same steps for the second time, SSO is working. It means, without asking user id and password, SAP SRM Home Page appeared.

Kindly help me to identify this issue. What is disturbing the SSO for the first attempt ? and how its working on the second attempt? Kindly provide some light on this issue.



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Ah, a funny MYSAPSSO2 issue... Mhm.. First let me ask, apart from the connection test, does the connection itself work or produces the same issue (which i would expect) so you need to connect twice in order to make it work? And then once the connection on SRM is established, I would check with SM05 which session and which authentication mechanism has been used. This may bring more light into this.... also I would double check the trust setup (STRUSTSSO2, PSE/Cert generation). Does your SRM's ICF-Service-URL runs in a different DNS domain compared with the Portal-URL? But in any case I would check the AS Java traces such as developer/authentication.. as there will be more information in there about the root cause. Maybe a wrong policy stack configuration where some JAAS modules are missing within a specified order or with bad flags.. Please provide more information if possible.

Hope that helps...