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SAP portal netweaver 7.3 to 7.5 upgrade - Customization of masthead

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Hello everyone,

We have updgraded our portal from 7.3 to 7.5. We have a custom masthead application based on Portal's Standard classic masthead( The log-off functionality is customized in this masthead application. The log-off link is redirected to different urls based on the value of header variable(Juniper url) or if user is connecting via VPN.

I have two queries:

1. I have imported the masthead war file into NWDS 7.5 but its missing references to JAR files. I am not able to locate the JAR files in the portal 7.5 server. Where will i get JAR files for this class masthead from Netweaver 7.5 portal server? Should i locate these JARs from Netweaver 7.3 portal?

2. If i need to implement the same log-off functioanlity in AFP masthead file, where should i write code for this log-off having redirections to different url based on multiple conditions?



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Do you have access to the original custom 7.3 source code?