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SAP Portal get last login date for user

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Guru, help me, please.

I have task - in java report, get last login date and time for user in SAP Enterprise Portal system. I found this information on Authentication Log (in /nwa/logs), but I don't know as get this information in my program. Is there an Java API for reading and parse logs? Or another way to get this date?

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Can you check if Portal Activity report would help here

For information about users login on AS Java, you can check security audit logs as well

I hope this helps.



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You can also view the last login user via below:
NWA > Availability and Performance > Resource Monitoring > Session Management

Thanks and Kind regards
Adeel Khan

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Many Thanks for the information on portal activity report.

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Hello, Asha.

Thank you very much for the answer.

I'll try to configure Portal Activity Report. It seems that this is what I need.

Kind of regards, Sergey