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SAP Portal 7.3 Integration with TAM 6.1.1 - Has anyone got a full solution working?

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Hi Everyone

We are currently in the process of upgrading our SAP Portal from version 7.01 to version 7.30.

We have a perferctly working solution on version SAP Portal version 7.01 but am struggling to get the same solution to work for version 7.30.

Our SAP Portal system connects to the SAP backend systems (SAP-HR) and (SAP-FI)

Currently for the SAP Portal 7.01 version our solution is as follows:
[01] Header Variable Login has been configured on the SAP Portal.
[02] A junction mapping has been created in TAM for the SAP Portal, SAP HR and SAP FI.
[03] SSO between TAM and the SAP Portal works OK. This means that the Header Variable Login module has been configured correctly.
[04] The 1st tab on our SAP Portal is a BSP page containing information that comes from SAP HR. This currently works as follows:
----- TAM see's that a response has come from a different port number (reading an un-encoded URL)
----- TAM checks its mapping table and finds the apporpriate certificate to pass (along with the MYSAPSSO2 cookie)
----- TAM is then authenticated with SAP HR

We then configured the SAP Portal 7.30 in exactly the same manner, however it fails on step [04], unable to authenticate to SAP HR. The reason is that SAP Portal 7.30 is now using encoded URLs and TAM cannot read them.

Does anyone have a solution as to how TAM can authenticate with SAP backend systems using the new SAP Portal 7.30.

Thanks in advance for any advice/solutions offered.



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Hi Rajdeep

Did you ever get a fix for this? We have just upgraded from EP6 to 7.02 (couldn't go to 7.3 because of our OS) and have exactly the same problem.

We use the TAM suite for authentication and as a reverse proxy. I think it was originally installed due to the security requirements at a Government site and it was before the days of SAP web dispatcher.

We've opened a support call and there doesn't appear to be a parameter to disable the encoding. We are trying a few workarounds, but your post is from about 8 weeks ago so hoping you've had more luck than us since then!

Happy to pass my email/telephone number to help each other out if possible.

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If anyone reads this and has Rajdeep's contact details, can you please ask him to take a look at this thread? Cheers

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HI Rajdeep,

I am no TAM expert, but here are my thoughts on this.

When you say the 7.3 portal is now using encoded URLs what do you mean exactly... what sort of encoding (can you tell)... if it was something simple to decode then perhaps you could modify the TAM to decode the URL before it tries to read them. Not sure if TAM allows for this or not.

Secondly is it really necessary to "protect" SAP HR with TAM, if the user is already authenticated to the NW Portal and has been issued a SAP Logon Ticket that ticket will be sent with any subsequent HTTP request (e.g. to the SAP HR BSP)... if TAM didn't get in the way SSO would work between the portal and the HR system.

You probably already thought of these things, but since asked me to, I wanted to add my thoughts.

Hope it helps,