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SAP PO REST Adapter Incremental Token Timestamp

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With my REST Adapter I need to poll every 24h from a Microsoft API. In the API URL I need the date form 2 days ago. For example if I poll my data on the 22.11.23, the timestamp in the URL needs to be the 20.11.23. The Incremental Token lets me use the Timestamp from the last poll, which would be the stamp from 24h ago (21.11.23).

What would be the best way to get the date from 48h ago?

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Hi Aris,

You could use graphical mapping. If you have B2B addon then you can use getDateAfterDays from UDFDateTimePool. Current date you can get with standard date function currentDate. If you don't have B2B addon, then with some simple java you can create own UDF to do the task, there are multiple examples how to do it online (e.g.