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SAP on SQL database format

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hi, my issue is about SAP extraction format to database that can read by VB6 program without undergoing to a series of conversion. the problem is like this, we're downloading files from SAP in a text format and then convert it to excel spreadsheet file (xls) in which can only read by VB6 program. the VB6 program then converts it again into different sql files for queries and reports. the question are; (1)is there are ways that the VB6 program can read the files without converting it to excel file? (2) are they any option to download files from SAP through SQL that can read directly by VB6 program? Thank you and best regards to all.

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it is not recommended to use any direct access to the R/3 SQL Server database.

1.) You can not access SAP pool and cluster tables with this method.

2.) In addition to this, you will run into code page and locale problems, if you read data from a R/3 database directly.

3.) The definition of tables in SQL Server might change from R/3 release to R/3 release, even if the definition of this table does not change in R/3 data dictionary. For example, the definition of table ATAB did change two times in R/3 releases 3.1I, 4.0A, 4.6A.

It's a much better idea to use one of the provided access methods to the SAP tables.

The provided methods are:


See the official SAP documentation for BAPIs

2.) SAP .Net Connector


3.) .NET Dataprovider for mySAP Business Suite

Some of the provider will only work with a .NET language and/or with newer versions of the development studio.

Best regards

Clas Hortien