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SAP not sending data to HCI PI

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Dear Experts-

I have built a scenario in which am using a proxy structure that was which built in PI and exposed in ECC. I have used all the existing mapping from PI into HCI PI and created an iflow. I have done all the configuration in SOAMANAGER according to my blog to send the data from SAP to HCI using SOAMANAGER configuration. It is working as expected with no issue when tested from Dev SAP ECC system to HCI non-prod tenant. Here is my question when try to send the data from QA SAP ECC system to HCI non-prod tenant by creating a logical port configuration in QA SAP ECC SOAMANGER for same consumer proxy as in Dev am not receiving any data into HCI. I am able to send ping the service in QA SAP ECC from HCI tenant but not receiving any messages from QA SAP ECC system.

Please let me know if you have any ideas.



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Hi Hari,

i think these points worth to check:
- check on OS level if the target HCI host can be reached
- using SM59 destinations check if the SSL connection is working
- Are you using basic or client certificate authentication? In both cases the user needs to have the "ESBmessaging.send" role assigned. Note: #2354728

- If client certificate authentication is used then the used certificate muct be trusted by any of the load balancer certificates:

- You might check the ICM / Webdispatcher traces to see if the request was sent out correctly.
- Ensure that the IFlow is deployed and is running fine.
- You might also test the IFlow using a SOAPUI tool. Just to see if it is really up and running.

Best Regards,

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Hi Viktor,

I would like understand, In my case, We are using certificate based authentication for ERP->HCI integration and the ERP client certificate is signed by "Comodo" which is not a part of SAP trusted list. Do this cause this any connectivity issue ??

As of now I am facing issue as below, I am trying to test the connection from SM59, I am getting popup to enter credentials, Is it because of we used non trusted CA to sign certificate? Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks in advance.