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SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio 7.0.06

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Hi Guru's

I'm trying to set-up an interface inside XI where i have to pick up an excel-file , import it in XI and send it to SAP R/3.

I've installed SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio 7.0.06, but xi server is on SP11; where can i found the patch for SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio to level it to SP 11, and how can i configure a real good module (ex demo, or documentation) of such a module

Has anyone experience with this.

I've read the blog from Felix : "Read Excel instead of XML through Fileadapter.

Can i find somewhere extra information on modules and setting up the cnfiguration side in XI, how to test it and real good test material?


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An easier solution is to write some basic java code to read the excel file and to convert it to xml. but then again you can read the excel file as is and map it to idoc`s and send it to r/3

If you still want to write the java code, let me know, i can help with that.


Ravi Raman

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Download newer version of NWDS from sap marketplace.

There is no patch level for NWDS (not that I'm aware off).

As for the .xls files handling, you have two choices:

- use Content Agent to make the xls <-> xml conversions;

- use an adapter module which reads the .xls file and creates xml from it.

As for the adapter module, basically you have to use a java excel api (like in order to read the .xls file and put its data into a xml file.

This blog has some sample codes on how to read the excel file into a xml with a java excel api: /people/sap.user72/blog/2005/07/04/read-excel-instead-of-xml-through-fileadapter

For further info, refer to this thread:



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I have just downloaded the latest version 7.0.12 in SP12.


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Choose Development Infrastructure

Enter source/dest sp level

Enter settings etc

Choose JIDE12_0-10003480.SAR / SAP Netweaver Developer Studio 7.00 SP

Download as normal.

It's a complete install, not a patch. There is no patch version I'm aware of.