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SAP Netweaver

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i hope im asking this question in the right place.

I would like to know what is the best way to find the transparent tables used in an structure, (eventually, beyond a transaction, also)

There is some information on the internet, but it seems outdated or inadequate for this version of Netweaver.

Regards, and Thanks in advance.

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Hi Ricardo,

Hope this blog helps you in what you're looking for?



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Hi Prithviraj,

thanks for your help.

Im more close to the solution.... my problem now is when i search for the description of the transaction to identify the exact table in the list of results, i can't find it.... don't know if the header was "personalized" in this system, or some translation problem...

This was my post on the link you kindly posted:


i'm searching for data element AUFNR, and, for what i've seen, when i have multiple results i should search for the description of the transaction, in this case COOIS.

In this system in Portugal (adapted for country or in this organization?) the description for CCOIS is "sistema info de ordens de produção", but when i search for this in the results i can't find it... what should i do?

Regards and thanks in advance.

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I've partially got the solution.

So what i do is this: i get the attribute's name and strcuture in a specific transaction in SAP, and then i search of the structure on the internet, and for each attribute i get the table's name.

For example, for TRANS COOIS, i got 13 attributes in structure IOHEADER in this page IOHEADER Database structure for order headers and items - SAP Structure  - ABAP.

For example, AUFNR comes from table AUFK.

What i don't understand is that there are several attributes that don't have a table, as MATXT (material description) and MATNR i got this information (value table assigned at top level) with description Material number for order.

What i thougth was that this structure "get's" the necessary table attributes and fill the other ones, something like as a "phisical view"... but my problem is that i need to extract this data to SQL SSIS and Theboard component xTract Table doesn't find IOHEADER...

How can i do this?

Thanks and regards