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SAP MDM vs Trillium & SAP MDM Integration with SAP BW

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Hi Everybody,

Any pointers or documentations for SAP MDM integration with SAP BW, please if any document showing the advantages of SAP MDM over Trillium(Harte-Hanks's).

Thanks in advance



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Answers (2)

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It's definitely not an "either or" decision, Rehman. Trillium Software is not competitive with SAP MDM. Sure, there are a couple of overlaps in functionality, but when used together, the two can do a really good job in tackling your data quality issues.

The best description of the distinction between a MDM solution and a data quality solution is shown in [this link|] called Data Quality in the MDM Ecosystem. It says that a complete MDM solution is really made up of four major parts - Interface & Workflow, Repository Services, Integration Backbone, and Data Quality. Trillium focuses specifically on the data quality part. SAP MDM does a pretty good job on most of these four parts, but you can enrich the data quality portion with Trillium.

Some of the value adds include:

Profiling - Highly interactive data analysis workbench. Rich views of patterns, relationships and anomalies in the data

Automated Identification and Routing - A rules engine that comprehends data, based on past experiences and developed out-of-the-box rules

Verification & Enrichment - Postal address verification and geo-coding out-of-the-box

Hope that helps!

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Very interesting question...

The main value add for Trillium is its database used for profiling ... and one of the reasons that it is quite expensive too

what are the parameters you want to compare the two on ?


P.S if this on the basis of MDM functionalities - maybe you should compare IBM MDM too...

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Primarily Trillium can be used for data enhancements with certain address masters and other masters avaialble in the box. There is a lot of data quality analysis can be done in Trillium. But if you are having certain requirements to be fulfilled along with SAP, SAP MDM should be good.


Yatin Thakkar