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SAP MDK : CSRF Token issue

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Hi Experts,

Our MDK app communicates with 2 backend systems (Lets say AAA and BBB). Using Mobile Services > Connectivity (Clous connector SSO). we have two different URLs for 2 different systems.

Device is fetching the CSRF token from both the systems lets say (AAA-CSRF and BBB-CSRF)

Most of the times its sending the corrrect CSRF token to the appropriate backend systems, but Intermittently sometime its sending the wrong CSRF token to other system.

Example : AAA-CSRF to BBB system. and getting "Invalid CSRF token"

NOTE : I am using "clientAPI.create" for POST calls.

Please Help

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Can you open a support ticket (component MOB-MDK) with all these details to investigate this issue?

Please refer to this SAP note for information on what details should be provided for an MDK Support Incident.

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