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sap.m.TablePersoController multiple tables personalization

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I am trying to apply a single table personalization to multiple tables. This is the instantiation of my tableperscontroller:

var oProvider;
if (sap.ushell) {
				// Create a persistence key
	var oPersId = {
		container: "persistanceContainerB1",
		item: "persistanceItemB1"
	oProvider = sap.ushell.Container.getService("Personalization").getPersonalizer(oPersId);
} else {
	oProvider = TablePersoService;

// Init and activate controller
this._oTPC = new TablePersoController({
  tables: [this.oTable, this.oTableHeader],
  componentName: "com.cap.rtt2",
  persoService: oProvider

But it does not apply to both of them, only for one.

Does anyone have experience with applying the personalization to both tables?

Thank you in advance,


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