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sap.m.Table filling

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which in specific methods of sap.m.Table are called by the sapui5 runtime framework if an instance of a table is filled with model data ? I am retrieving data via an ajax call from a http rest provider. At success the model is filled with the data in the ajax success callback. This is completed before the app navigates via router navigation to a js view, containing the sap.m.table instance, which is bound to the model. Some times the table does contain duplicate entries. I want to investigate, where this does come from .

Any details about the table filling process at runtime will be helpfull.

thanks and best regards


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Wolfgang,

I think you have already done this but at first please make sure that really no duplicates are provided from your rest service (checking in ajax success callback).

Then you should turn on UI5 debugging mode and check in ListBase-dbg.js function updateItems() or maybe first getItems(). (Note that the methods are called several times)

Comment of function updateItems():

// this gets called via JSON and oData model when binding is updated

// if there is no data this should get called anyway

So this basically should be the right function.

If you don´t see any duplicates in these methods then I guess it´s a UI bug.

Hope that helps, Sebastian

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Hi Sebastian,

thanks for sharing. Helped a lot.

best regards


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