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SAP Lumira Desktop 1.31 Auto Refresh Issue

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Dear All,

I have make a schedule of auto refresh documents locally in SAP Lumira Desktop 1.31 but it does not refresh and says you are not logged in to sap lumira cloud.I don't want to use cloud services and neither want to publish the document. I just need to refresh the documents locally.

I have searched the issue but did not find solution. In fact it seems to be first time. My search results are like 


Does any one know solution of this issue ? If yes please share

Thanks in Advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you had earlier versions of Lumira then it could be a configuration issue. Back up this file "C:\Users\<user ID>\.sapvi\preferences\general.persistent" then with Lumira closed delete this file.

Start Lumira and you should not get this issue anymore. You will need to redo your preferences.

- Trevor

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