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SAP Lumira 2 Designer/ Discovery-- Page toggle 1 or 10


Since I'm new to SAP Lumira 2.x (designer/discover), I would like to achieve to break a Cross tab data into mulitiple pages with 10 rows of max.

Data from UNX; Lumira version 2.0 SP2


Appreciated your help.

Warm Regards


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Answers (2)

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Hi Amarnatha,

The paging index you have highlighted in your example used to be available in prior versions of Design Studio. However, this option has since been deprecated in order to provide a standardised, more modern user experience, allowing navigation by scrolling only. If you are concerned about providing a mechanism for the user to easily move to a particular "page" in the data set, in Lumira Designer the user can determine the position they want to scroll to by observing the tool tip when dragging the scrollbar thumb as shown in the example below:



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Hello Amar - I recommend looking at the scroll container feature in Lumira Designer 2.1 - see the SAP Help: