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SAP LaMa Ent 3.0 - Azure Connector and LaMa

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I am trying to set up a LaMa functionality in our landscape to simplify some actions like Monitoring, starting, stopping, system clone/copy/refresh,.... of my systems in Azure. First of all my LaMa(LaMa 3.0 SP10 - Enterprise Edition) is running on a JAVA (7.50 SP13).

2 Questions:

1. When i access my landscape and go to tab "Provisioning" it is empty - so I can not do any actions - e.g End to End System copy/clone … what could be the reason ?

2. Is it possible to migrate my systems from LaMa to Azure and vice-versa so i could monitor my systems on Azure centrally in my LaMa? (e.g to monitor/start/stop/copy/clone the systems in LaMa which are running on Azure?)

I hope I was able to express my questions clearly.

Best regards,


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Hi Rohat,

the reason you don't see the systems in the provisioning tab might be a missing configuration.

You need to configure & enable the systems first a to be used for system provisioning in addtion to that you also need a repository for the SWPM, please see the following links:

Configuration of repositories:

Configuration of systems for system provisioning (not all steps may apply):

What exactly do you mean with migrating systems from LaMa to Azure?

You could also send me a direct message and we can have a follow up discussion on this.

Best regards