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SAP JAM - Organizing Knowledge as a tree

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Hello Experts,

Could anyone advise me if it is possible to organize the knowledge content in a tree format - kind of like a menu tree on your left, so it would be easy for the people to navigate to the content?

Sometimes the team does not know what to search for, so they would like to navigate through the content, like how we do with SAP help documentation.

Any useful tip to achieve this, will be very helpful. Thanks in advance.


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For general content it is possible to structure it in folders and achieve a tree-like layout in the Content area.

If your question is specifically about Knowledge Base Articles, this isn't support yet.
I find it interesting though that someone doesn't know what to search for. Can you give an example, where you would browse knowledge base articles without looking for a specific question/answer?
I understand that sometimes people might use a search term that isn't available in an article and therefore don't find the right article. What can help here are tags, because they allow you to add synonyms for a topic to an article without having to mention all of them in the article itself.

Best, Christian