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SAP JAM Integration with SharePoint 2016

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Hi All,

Hope someone has the answer to this question!

We are trying to create an integration between a JAM page and a document library within Microsoft SharePoint. We use SharePoint 2016 but I cannot find any documentation which explains how the integration would work between SharePoint 2016 and SAP JAM. I have found integration documentation for SharePoint versions 2010,2013 and 365.

What are the risks of their being no official integration support for SharePoint 2016? How high is the confidence that the steps for the integration will be the same for SharePoint 2013?

Is there a technical reason why SharePoint 2016 integration is not supported when SharePoint 2010,2013 and 365 is?

Bit baffled by this one! Thanks in advance to anyone that can provide any clarity on this!


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