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You may have noticed (or not noticed) that on some fields in SAP there is a History table that appears once you start entering (typing) information into the field.

The History table is a field box that appears underneath a field when you start entering information. An example of one of the fields is the Fund field.

This History table contains the last entries entered (by typing) into the field. Users have discovered that it allows a quick reference to regularly entered information.

This we i m observing on windows platform , but when i am using SAP on Linux fedora

same history table not creating.

Please help us to maintain history table in SAP on Linux fedora core 3 platform

Vijay Vadgaonkar


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Hi Vijay,

I'm affraid it is not possible (or SAP should have a different appraoch on LINUX SAP GUI's.

Actually on the WIN platform a form of MS Access database is build, that contains the history. On windows XP it will be located in the C:\Documents and Settings directory of the user that logged on to Windows. The name for the database is SAPHistory"USER-ID".mdb ("USER-ID" replaced by the actual user id.

Within SAP logon itself there is a flag that indicates wether you are on a slow type connection or not. When on a slow connection, the history is disabled.

So, sorry, can't help you more than this.