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SAP Hana Mini Checks.

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I have run the Hana mini checks last week..
Is there a NOTE to reference some of the data responses?
One of the responses says critical but does not reference an SAP note..


;;;189467;<= 100000;X;

Not sure what it is referencing as there in no description or host and just a bunch of the same from row 217 to 1000.. Which may be more as eclipse only allows for up to 1000 rows...

there is an AUTO merge table withmany delta records but it is not one of my tables and I cannot seem to find it?  Any help with finding this table would be insightful,

THank you for your time and diligence.


HANA 102 on AWS Linux SUSE SERVER 11 sp3

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Just ran the scripts from the current SAP note version and had no issues.

There's also a mini-check version for SAP HANA rev. 100+, so you might want to use this one instead.

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Yes sir.. I figured out the issue about the TEMPORARY_TABLE query with the COUNT(*)

I ended up running the TEMPORARY_TABLE query manually.. Took that value and replace COUNT(*) with that value..

Updated Hana Studio and web IDE with larger Result set value 2000..

Got the rest of the data i believe..

Fixing critical Issues.. One at a time.
Thanks Thanks!

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Don't run the mini checks and then filter for C= 'X' as you will loose information. Better run the mini checks with ONLY_POTENTIALLY_CRITICAL_RESULTS = 'X' in the "Modification section" if you only want to see the potentially critical lines. Then you won't loose information.

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Thanks thanks,

I did filter on that once and realized that a lot of the data about the issues was not in its proper place..

Thank you for your time and diligence,

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For completeness sake.. I had a question regarding a table with large delta merge, which I could not find.
The table in question was a clients table and was found by


Good news!
Continue to be diligent!