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Sap fiori case error

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HI,guys, i've got a problem with case statement in my cds view.
I try to delete decimal part, but only if it's eqals to 0.
field1 here's intitializes with floor(Menge).

Here's my code. (It's work, values with decimal part which eqals 0 get floor(Menge) value,values with decimal part NOT equals 0, get 0 value. But when i tru to replace "else 0", with "else Menge" all values get Menge value. Why
it's works like this. And what i need to do to remove decimal part if it eqals to 0. So first img is with "else 0",second
with "else Menge".

         when field1 = Menge   then floor(Menge)
          else 0
        end as field2

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi shiz0frenik,

SAP Data Services and SAP Fiori are two completely distinct products, please tag your question correctly.

Best Regards,


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