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Sap Fiori - Approve time Events are getting automatically approved.

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Hi there.

I have implemented the App "My Inbox" with the functionallity of begging able to approve or reject the leave request of a worker. Now i want to be able to approve a given time event in the same Inbox. I followed the implementation documentation given by SAP and i think that this part it's okay.

My problem is the following: When i am creating a time related event (testing) to sent to an approver, the request is created and automatically approved without i begging able to do anything.

I found how a post about the same problem that directed me to the TCODE PTARQ, saying that i need to configure there the Workflows ID's....So i went to explore a little bit. I was able to get to here (i don't know if this is the correct thing to do) and executed the option "Workflow: Define Taks for Universl Worklist". Inside i saw my to Workflow Task already configurated in the documentation given by SAP.

What can i do to stop this automatically approve of my time events?

Thank you for your time,


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