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SAP ECC 6.0 & Netweaver 7.0 Realtime Replication in Datasphere

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Hi All,

I'm currently looking into the potential options for near real-time replication in Datasphere from a SAP ECC 6.0 on Netweaver 7.0 but don't currently have access to test?

Based on the documentation doesn't seem like Realtime replication on remote tables is supported for this version of ECC?

Replicate Data Changes in Real-Time

Replication flows could be an option but they currently take one hour between replications.

If I created a view that retrieved only the changed data based on a date/time and loaded using a Dataflow would the where clause be pushed down to the server or would Datasphere retrieve all the data prior to applying the where to restrict the data?

Would like to understand what sort of impact this would have on the server to see if this could be a viable solution?

Thanks for any help.


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