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SAP Datasphere - How to use hierarchy by level in Business Builder

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I created 2 dimensions in data builder with hierarchies by level. (one is based on the time view SAP.TIME.VIEW_DIMENSION_MONTH)

The dimensions are deployed in the data builder and I need them into business builder to use them in a consuption model. I'm able to retrieve them into the business builder, but I'm not able to retrieve or add hierarchies by level. Apparently, I'm only able to add parent/child or external hierarchies. I though it will be possible reading the overview of Q1 2023.

Do I miss something or it is not possible now ?



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In BB only parent-child hierarchies are supported.

At the time I did the test by creating a parent-child hierarchy of year, month, day. And while it worked in the strict sense and you could drill down, SAC did not recognize it and did not give the possibility to create time based calculations (YTD, period comparison, etc).

So its usefulness was "half-baked".