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SAP Datasphere DBADMIN and Data provisioning agent issue (AGENT ADMIN and ADAPTER ADMIN)

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Hello all,

in regard to SAP Datasphere and SAP HANA Data Provisioning Agent: 

when we install the provisioning agent and connect the DB User from the Space Administration page to the provisioning agent, we are getting the issue:

Missing privileges for Agent Admin HANA user: S4HC_DATA_MIGRATION#DB_ADMIN [..]Ensure that the system privileges AGENT ADMIN and ADAPTER ADMIN are granted to agent admin HANA user.

How are we to grant these privileges to a Database user? in the SQL console we don't have sufficient privileges to do these grants.

Could not execute 'GRANT AGENT ADMIN TO S4HC_DATA_MIGRATION#SYSTEM' Error: (dberror) [258]: insufficient privilege

Is there a DBADMIN superuser for all Spaces on the Datasphere? Or how do we grant these privileges?

Best regards

T. Durham

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Hi, Check out this step by step video on SAP Datasphere and DP agent configuration

Hope this will help.

Best Regards,

Murlli Maraati