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SAP CPI Message Mapping: weird XSD validation error

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Dear colleagues,

I am absolutely confused with the behavior of CPI Message Mapping. When I upload an XSD file as a source message schema, it is just fine. No compaints. When I upload EXACTLY the same file as a target message schema, I get a validation error. Of course, no useful error message, anything that could give me any indication.

Just to be very clear - I am uploading the same file only to confirm my suspection there is a problem in CPI, not in my XSD, after playing around several hours with x variants of XSD file. XSD is really not a rocket science, so it seems there is a bug in the system. Have any of you run into a similar trouble and is there a way to deal with it, please?

To give you some more background, I tried to upload a JSON schema in it first, to see if it would work. Of course it did not, but maybe it broke something somewhere in a buffered table, who knows... any idea how to clear it? Reset to factory settings?

I don't want to resort to Groovy mapping, because I expect frequent changes in the structure, so I would prefer to have it in an independent message mapping artifact. 

Any hints really appreciated!

Best regards


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It's not an XSD error, but it's an indication that the mapping is incomplete because you have mandatory target fields with no value determination in your mapping.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello ,

These fields occurrence is 1 to 1 that's the reason you are getting validation error. Either you map this with source data or right click on those field and map with constant.

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