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SAP Connector-Based iView and User Mapping Issue

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Hello Guys,

I have problem mapping the user to correct system landscape to disply an iView which invokes the RFC.

I have created a new System Landscape, SAP Connector-Based iView. Mapped administrator user (belongs to super admin role)to System alias and the iView works perfectly.

If I assign the same System Alias for some other user who belongs otherrole, then it does not seems to be working. If I asign the user to Super_admin_role, then the iView comes up.

How do I make my SAP connector based iView work, without assigning the user to Super_admin_role.

Please help.

Thanks and regards,


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Hi Babu,

First of all welcome to SDN family. Now about your question.

While creating the system you have to map the User mapping property as <b>admin,user</b>.

<b>System Administration -> System Configuration -> System Landscape Directory -> Portal Content -> You working folder.</b>

Here open the System you created. In the <b>Property Category</b> Dropdown select the <i>User Management->User Mapping Type -></i> <b>admin,user</b>.

Actually there are three options :

<b>1) Admin

2) User

3) Admin,User</b>

You have to choose the third option. Then you need assign the Super_admin_Role to the user you want to map with the system. What you have been doing is mapping it as the <b>admin</b>, so for every user you want to system with you have to assign the <b>Super_admin_Role</b>.

I hope this solves your problem.



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