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SAP Companion Element Conditions

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Hello everybody!

I have been testing Element conditions for SAP companion and I've been wondering if anyone here has been able to make Element conditions work for type in fields (i.e. a help bubble shows up only if you type a specific word detailed while creating the condition). 

This is what I did: 

1. created the help bubble and assigned a hotspot to a type in field

2. saved the changes for the new bubble

3. opened Conditions, and set it up using the following options: use assigned hotspot, value is, the word "Home" (see image below) (I have also tried Value contains using the same steps)


4. saved changes 

In other words, the help bubble should only show if someone types the word "Home" however the help bubble sticks there while the field is empty and if I type a different word other than "Home". See image below:



Question: is there any other way to best use Element Conditions. Am I setting it up correctly? Or maybe Element Conditions are not so polished yet?



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Karen,

What you are doing looks correct and I know the functionality is working.  I can think of two things to try to get this resolved:

1. You may be looking at the old version of the message bubble, not the version with the condition on it.  Try publishing the Help Topics content for the corresponding screen and see if the message bubble then displays correctly

2. Rather than applying the condition to the hotspot, try using the Element option and manually assign the condition to the field by clicking the Assignment button and then clicking the actual field where you type your answer



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Thanks a lot @Shane!

Sticking to the topic of Elements, I have a couple of questions about the Date element. Maybe you can help.

I've been doing some testing and it removes a help bubble that is outside of certain dates.

-Can you edit a help bubble with new text,  set a date condition so that newly edited version shows after a specified date? Do you Publish or only save?

-Is there anywhere information about the meaning of the terms in the date condition? Every time I click the question mark on the bottom left corner it takes me a very informative page only for Element, URL and API conditions. 



Thanks a lot in advance.