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[SAP Cloud Platform, RAP] Warning message in a managed scenario during save

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Dear experts,

I'm struggling with displaying a warning message during save in a draft-enabled managed scenario. I stumbled upon a few examples of custom message display during saving, but they are for an unmanaged scenario. Unfortunately, as you know, in a managed scenario I don't have "CREATE" or "UPDATE" methods for custom save logic, and I can't also implement "CHECK_BEFORE_SAVE" or "FINALIZE" methods in a local saver class.

So far I tried putting message display logic in a validation method (see screenshot below), but it only works for displaying errors and terminating the save (at the end the user sees the error message). In order to display an error, I populate the "FAILED" table together with the "REPORTED" table with the specific message ID.

But for displaying warnings or success messages this approach doesn't work - I do not want to interrupt saving, thus, I intentionally do not populate the "FAILED" table, but if I don't populate it, it seems it doesn't matter if I put the warning/success message just into the "REPORTED" table - the message is not displayed, I see the standard "Object created" message.

How do I display warning messages in a managed scenario without interrupting saving?



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I was also able to replicate it,

This looks like an expected - Unexpected behaviour, a bug. check the below help:

TL;DR - If a warning comes, a confirmation popup should come, on the confirmation, the data should be saved, which is my understanding when I debugged the RAP & Fiori Elements. But the confirmation button is not coming, probably an issue with Fiori Elements? not able to find the exact place which is causing the issue.

Better add the Fiori Elements tag, so that team might check this out.

CC: peter.spielvogel conrad.bernal

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Hello There,

Is there any updates to the topic? I'm facing the same problems where my Information messages are not showing when I have more than one message.

Also, if I try to show only a Warning message, the system throws 2 exceptions and the "Continue" button is not displayed, cause of the exceptions...

This is a managed scenario without draft.


The exceptions problem was solved by sap note 3075670.


Rômulo Pacheco

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