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SAP CI JDBC Adapter SQL Query Log


Dear All,

We used to have logSQLStatement in SAP PI/PO to log the sql query that is being used by the JDBC adapter. Do we have something similar in CPI? I want to see query that is being executed by CPI on DB. I traced the iFlow but nothing found in them. Where can we find this info?

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Dear michaeljohn82,

Unfortunately, something like LogSQLStatement is not available in CPI. However, in case you are using CPI, this type of logging can be achieved by enabling Database logging or custom logging in iflows.


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Dear harishvatsa,

Thank you for the reply. Database logging is not an option due to some reservations by the system owners. Could you elaborate custom logging in iflows option? Is there any standard property or header we can use for this? I couldn't find any in the tracing of iFlow.