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SAP CALM - Enabling "ABAP Application log" Notifications for specific filters

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Dear Gurus

On SAP Cloud ALM, I need setup the sending of an email to certain user as per certain (for example: when specific entry is created on SLG1 Transaction Code for Object "X" , Subobject "Y", Message Class and Message Number ) "Application Log" event belonging to a S/4HANA Systema 2022 FPS2 (SAP RISE) is being triggered.

On Integration & Exception scenario I have created a Monitoring including all the filters I have described above however, when I try create an event in order enable the email Notification, I don´t have the chance neither select such Monitoring nor add filters ( Application Log Object, Subobject, Message Class and Message Number) for Event "Erroneous ABAP Application Log"

Any guidance will be appreciated

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