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SAP Business process automation bpm.workflowruntime.servicetask.request.failed

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Dear experts,

I just downloaded the SAP FIXED Asset project package using the SAP Business Process Automation and other dependent activities. But when I submitted data using AAP, I saw the error message below.

Could you please suggest what I might have done wrong?

The destination Service is shown below

Error Message

Detail Error message

"restEndpoint": { "httpMethod": "POST", "destinationName": "sap_process_automation_service", "destinationUrl": "",

"relativePath": "/public/rule/runtime/rest/v2/rule-services", "destinationSubdomain": "**************************************" },

"error": { "message": "The HTTP request to '' failed with status code 404 (Not Found) and response body '{\"error\":{\"code\":\"bpm.rulesruntime.version_invalid\",\"message\":\"Cannot find rule service for given rule service ID 564baff2670746898c2d97c482ac1c6d and revision 2111\",\"details\":[]}}'.",

"errorCode": "bpm.workflowruntime.servicetask.request.failed", "logId": "ee83bde1-8e0e-46e1-8a03-e1558ff-us10" }

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Answers (2)

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Hi Archana,

I downloaded the below packages, let me know if you are looking for something different. (I didn't do anything in

SAP Business Process Automation

In BPA lobby -> Store, I downloaded the package "Fixed Asset Transfer Approval"


CLOUD Platform Integration

In CPI, I downloaded below integration package

Design/ SAP Build Process Automation Integration with SAP S/4HANA for Fixed Asset Transfer Approval/

Package ID SAPWorkflowManagementIntegrationwithSAPS4HANAFixedAssetTransfers


Implemented required services

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Ajay,

Can you please provide the link from Accelerator Hub as to which Fixed Asset content you are using as there are many content packages with name "Fixed Asset".