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SAP BTP CF - Can't access "expires_in" variable after OAuth v2.0 call in API

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We have created an API to create an Auth Token. The policy we use is OAuth V2.0. After the OauthV2.0 call we then call an Assign Message policy so that we only return the "access_token" and none of the other info sensitive variables eg. "".

<!-- This policy can be used to create or modify the standard HTTP request and response messages -->

<AssignMessage async="false" continueOnError="false" enabled="true" xmlns=''>

<!-- Sets a new value to the existing parameter -->


<Payload contentType="application/json" variablePrefix="@" variableSuffix="#">




<AssignTo createNew="false" type="response">response</AssignTo>


The above works great and we only get the "access_token" variable returning to the API Call.

We have asked by business to return the "expires_in" variable also. I have changed to Assign Message policy to return "expires_in" but I am getting an "unresolved variable" error when calling the API. I have tried both @apigee.expires_in# and @expires_in# , both don't work!

If I debug the API i can't see the EXPIRES_IN variable.

But if I remove the ASSIGN_MESSAGE policy I get everything returned to the API call , including expires_in. eg.


"refresh_token_expires_in": "0",

"api_product_list": "[ArticleInfoProduct, CCMenuProduct, CCOrderProduct]",

"api_product_list_json": [





"organization_name": plc-01",


"token_type": "BearerToken",

"issued_at": "1698225325409",

"client_id": "12345678912346678",

"access_token": "pqTkCPGyHM3Z64QyDM9YCFtNfEYr",

"application_name": "97516f7a-4ca3-48f7-9b57-8360hfjjfjfjfjfkfkfk3",

"scope": "",

"expires_in": "1799",

"refresh_count": "0",

"status": "approved"


How can I return the "expires_in" variable alongside the "Access_token" to the API call?

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Answers (2)

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We used an Extract Variable policy to access the variable.

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Hello Darren,

Below might help you .Before you set you must retrieve the data using Extract variables and then assign those using AssignMessage policy.Also please paste screenshot of your policy that might help to give more suitable solution.


Sriprasad Shivaram Bhat

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Thanks for your reply. It helped us with the solution to our problem.