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SAP BO WEBI Variable Count Problem

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Hi Experts,

I have a report called Database base status report in that i have to calcualte Count of POBOX the datatype for this object is CHAR at universe level but it should satisfy the user conditions like i have to calculate POBOX not null & POBOX - isnumeric

But i checked the values at Database for this object its showing values like: ,, ,,,,, (camas, blank values String values & NULL )

Note: But i have to calcualte Count of POBOX where POBOX not null & POBOX - isnumeric

I tried so many ways but still am not able to figure out

Kindly help me on this.

I would really appreciate if you could help me the same at your earliest

Thanks & Regards


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=Sum(If(IsError(ToNumber([Text])) Or IsNull([Text]);0;1))

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Many thanks for the reply

i tried the formula which u givenlike this =Sum(If(IsError(ToNumber([Pobox])) Or IsNull([Pobox]);0;1))

but when am checking the count for particular AGENT CODE=AEC Coun(POBOX) am getting 4452

and i tried some other approcah like:

first i created a variable like ABC= =IsNumber(ToNumber([Pobox]))

then i created one more variable to count POBOX ==Count([Pobox] )Where ([ABC]=1)

when am looking the count for the same Agent code=AEC am getting 3287

if u don't mind please guide me which is correct.

many thanks in advance

Thanks & Regards,