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SAP BO Report Folder Size

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I am currently working on a project where I need to create a report on the CMS repository in SAP BusinessObjects (BO). The report should include the following details:

  • BO report folder name
  • Report Number
  • Size of the folder in MB

I am not sure how to go about this and would appreciate any guidance or suggestions. Has anyone created a similar report before using CMS Universe? If so, could you please share the steps or any relevant resources that might help me achieve this?

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first thing is to understand, that BO is not a file system where reports are files. So a folder does not have a size like a directory tree has. Further you need to specify what size you mean - the size of a report in the File Repository is what you mean i guess, but what if the report has schedules, creating instances that save the resulting instances in the Enterprise Location (that is the File Repository). Or what's with publications - they are not big relating to size, but they use source reports that are loced maybe somewhere else, and create also many instances that may be scheduled to the File Repository.

So the first mission is to get a specification what you really want to report and why.

We are doing something like that, but our focus was on reporting the largest report instances that were located in the File Repository to see, what blows up the enormeous size of that. For this, we used the Auditing Universe, where you can get the size of report instances (and any other object) in the Event Details. Of course this works only when Auditing is configured properly and you have to filter the objects that are already deleted.

We did not try to use the Admin Queries with Query Tool, because the outcome is HTML, the query language is not easy to understand and we could not create Webi Reports for that.

So i would go for the Auditing Universe, or try to find a 3rd party tool (Apos?) that can maybe already do that