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SAP BO Audit: Reporting about active used connections

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Dear community,

in advance of BO upgrade we would like to know if the connections we implemented are really used as we would have to ask the consumers to test their connections after upgrade.

But we do not find any relevant CR/WebI report analyzing the usage of the connections.

Is there any idea how to do so?



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Ayman's solution gets you the list of connections and universes, but I'm not sure whether it will give information about which reports are active and using those connections.

If it doesn't, you can use that in combination with the "BI on BI" CMS universe to determine which reports are using a specific universe and from there you can link to the audit to find which reports are being run. Note that the audit database uses the SI_CUID values for ids instead of SI_ID, so you would have to merge data between the two universes based on that.

There are also third-party tools available that might help with this - APOS and Wiise are the better know companies that provide this type of too.


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The "Dependencies" tell you which reports use the universe (see screenshot).

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Thanks a lot to all of you. We will see what will be the result.