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SAP BO 4.3 RichClient not able to load Dokument

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In addition to the problem: BO 4.3 Rich Client unable to save documents locally

An SAP BO 4.3 SP3 Patch 600 was installed on a Windows 2019 server.

The content was imported from an SAP BO 4.1.

The SAP BO client tools with the appropriate patch level were installed on another server (client server).

If an attempt is now made to import WebI reports from the SAP BO server into the Web Intelligent Rich Client, the following error message is displayed:

[repo_proxy 28] DocumentFacade::importDocument - (Helpers::InfoStore::ObjectFileHandle::extractContent) Local file copy has failed The File Repository Server Input is out of order.(hr=#0x80042a4a)

The firewall rules on both servers have been adjusted.

It is possible to call the WebI from the Browser

An attempt was made to execute the answers to the above question.

In doing so, an additional authorization was created which contains the mentioned authorizations. This authorization was assigned to both the directories and the application.

This did not solve the problem.

An attempt was then made to implement SAP Note 2974971.

In this case, the reset plugin displays the message that the plugin has been implemented correctly and therefore this SAP Note is not applicable.

@ your command: resetplugin 347

Object 5306 -- cuid AYfjfcAV7cNPh33akDfm2RE

Pin file: BusinessObjects_Webi_pin.xml

Plugin is correctly deployed (SI_DEPLOYED=true)

How can I solve that Problem

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The problem is solved by entering a fixed IP port, e.g. 6402, in the IFR server and then releasing this port bidirectionally in the firewall.

Whether the authorizations specified above are necessary has not been tested.

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