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SAP BIP 4.3 - WIPS stuck in "Disabled"

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Hi all,

we currently have a big issue with our WebIntelligenceProcessingServer (WIPS) on our BI-Platform.

From time to time our WIPS is stuck in disabled status and does not come up by its own anymore.

The only solution is then to restart the SIA completely. Restarting only WIPS is not possible due to the system is not able to reach WIPS anymore.

We tried to reproduce the issue to find some kind of pattern on why it is stuck but we cannot find anything specific.

Sometimes it feels like it is related to user interaction in BI Launchpad but it also stays stuck during the nights while nobody is working on the system.

The properties of the WIPS are left as per default - so no changes have been done there.

Is there anything you can think of on how to solve this issue?


  • BIP-Version: 4.3 SP3 Patch 5 (but we also had it with previous patches)
  • OS: Windows Server 2016

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Answers (1)

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There are a couple of things you can try.

  1. Increase your logging and see if it gives you more details.
    Make use of the Support Log Assistant to analyze your log files for known issues.
  2. You could try creating a new Web Intelligence Processing Server. It could be that the one you have is corrupted in some way. This plays a little bit into an assumption that you upgraded in place since you had the same issue in previous patches.

Do you have a second Web Intelligence Processing Server in your environment? Having a second one may help with making sure one is available until you get the issue sorted out.