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SAP BI Launchpad - How to config look in Workspace?

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Hi All,

i got some reports online and now we want to use them for users in their SAP BI Launchpad Workspace. I can easily add them to a new dashboard and save this but the look is not the way we want it.

Our problems and questions are?

- is the size of the content of the reports taken by the site settings in the report (sizes...)?

- How to change display in BI Launchpad so the group structure is not shown (see change between picture 1 and 2)?

Would be great if someone knows the answer or if someone could provide us with information and links for it.

Thank you

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Answers (2)

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For automatic reports we use SAP Crystal Server 2011. Also i can provide users access to BI Launchpad
so they can run reports adhoc. Now i want to creat some individual workspaces so it looks like dashboards.

It works ok and i can bring content to it. But if you have a look to attachment 1 and 2 you can see that
reports open with selection menues so that the content is not shown completely as some of the space given
to it is used for navigation.

My question is if there is a chance to deselect this navigation so the report starts as shown in picture 2.
So its about to hide "Gruppenstruktur" in the report.

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I tis not clear what you are expecting and what does not work for you.
What product are you using ?
What type of report ?
What kind of dashboard ?