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SAP ASE or ASE BS - database upgrade - BOBJ/Dataservices

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I've been tasked to upgrade the SAP ASE 15.7 to 16.03 on the Dataservices servers (windows)

I have no problems upgrading our Netweaver/SAPASE BS servers. But I'm trying to evaluate what has been installed for our Dataservices. (I have no records from the installers). I expect to see that the SAP ASE (non BS) had been installed for these and not the Business Suit . My issue is I cant tell the difference . How can I tell if the Business suite or the standard ASE has been installed. The folder structure I have looks exactly the same as ASE Business Suite.

ASE Business suit can be upgraded using the SAPHOSTAGENT what about the ASE? I cant find any definitive Snote or upgrade manual for ASE only.

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2433550 - Can the same Sybase ASE database be used for BI 4.2 and BW 7.5 reporting database ?
The note states "BI 4.2 architecture does not restrict the user to any particular method for setting up databases for CMS, Audit or reporting purpose."

This to me says you should be able to use the normal upgrade methods as you would with Business Suite.

Maybe one of the SAP colleagues can confirm but my 2c is follow the standard upgrade procedures.

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You did not mention platform so I contain for both.

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