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SAP APO Demand Planning and Live Cache utilizing SAP HANA

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Hello SAP HANA Friends

I am having difficulty finding any description or available use cases for SAP HANA for SAP APO Demand Planning and Live Cache.

If there are comments and directions on a path for using SAP HANA with SAP Demand Planning and Live Cache please let me know how to navigate to this information.


Joe Gonzales

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Joe,

the reason for your difficulties with finding these information is that today there is no APO/liveCache solution build on HANA available to customers.

Sooner or later liveCache technology (it is in-Memory anyhow and has always been) will be integrated into HANA thus removing the need for a separate liveCache server - but this is still in development and afaik no planned release date/version has been announced.

regards, Lars

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I guess now the HANA options are available for APO.

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Yes, you can find the details at the following link:

SCM powered by SAP HANA | SAP HANA

Also note 1825703 ( explains the migration of the SCM to have Live Cache integrated in HANA.



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