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SAP API Management on-prenise

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I found many articles about SAP API management also for the SAP API management on-premise. While I understand the Cloud offering I have problems to find good documentation for the on-premise solution. We are especially interested in managing API’s (not public) for internal applications and are therefore also interested in the on-premise solution.

Would be great if someone could provide some links to documents on what is required to install and manage SAP API Management on-premise.

Thank you and Regards,


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Hello Sven,

thank you. So in case we do not want to have all "internal" API calls going through the cloud there is no provided option. This unfortunately also means that we have to use another provider till the conservative thinkers also agree that it does not matter so much where services are located in a modern architecture 😉


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Andreas,

I like your mindset 🙂

API Management is in line with our cloud-first strategy: the stable core systems run on premises, whereas extensions, new developments and integration is done in the cloud. As you have experienced for yourself, the fronteers of our customer's IT and the cloud are becoming more and more blurry.

But to your point: we also want to address customers having specific APIM on-premises needs, hence we may come up with a hybrid approach in the future. Stay tuned.