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SAP Analytics Cloud - Usage of private tenant


Hi friends,

I checked the characteristics of the SAC private tenant. What I found out is that the private version hosts only one customer while the public offers multi-tenancy. Further on the private offers dedicated tenant hardware.

These points don't make me understand the advantages of using a private tenant.

So, I'am asking you: What is a typical case of using a private tenant?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,



Hi Ismail

Public Edition
– Internal SAP HANA database instance is shared, with a schema per customer
– Database performance could be impacted by other customer activity
▪ Private Edition
– Still has some shared components but the core SAP HANA database instance is dedicated
– Dedicated database instance reduces impact from other customers’ database activity
– Typically chosen for larger enterprise deployments
▪ Public Editions are typically chosen
– but not exclusively since Private Editions have increased database performance protection from other customer services

Public and Private editions are applicable for all environments
– There are no restrictions on what type of edition can be used for any particular life-cycle purpose
– However, performance load testing is only permitted against Private editions


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Reason for private tenant:

  • No performance impact on the system due to other customers' heavy computing load on the same server.
  • Easy to do system scale up when computing resource (CPU and Memory) becoming short after system is up and runnig for a while
  • Little bit more flexiblity on the tenant in terms of system ops. Need to check with SAP on this.
  • Private tenant is a common practice for customer runinng SAC planning.

Thanks Marian and William!!!

Great Input!

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi colleague,

Let me ask related question.

Once the customer started using public edition, is it possible to switch to private edition?

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Hi everyone,

same question as Yasuko. Possible to switch? Any experiences or advices?

Greetings Ömer

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello guenay,

Here are the scenarios when you may want to go for private tenant for your SAC hosting-

  • Complex Planning Scenarios : You want to utilize full potential of your backend HANA DB (hosting SAC). This this includes planning scenarios that involves heavy level of access based setup, this requires higher compute power from backend. Also you do not want to compromise performance due to other customers sharing the same hardware and backend DB (HANA in this case). Beside private version may help, if your company is planning to use SAC as primary planning solution to support FP&A. This means your planning activities and custom scenarios (company specific) setups demands heavy load during specific time of the year.
  • Compliance : Your organizations compliance do not allow corporate data in public domain (SAC default tenant). Compliance condition is flexible enough to approve private cloud setup.
  • Load/ Performance Testing : As a part of system ops activity, you are required to perform load testing on yearly basis to check system readiness to support heavy user and system load.
  • Business Competition : Say your company is in e-commerce sector and your company is not comfortable hosting its SAC on rival company hyperscale (AZURE or AWS). Then you would opt for SAC NEO private hosting.
  • Security : Less likely to get impacted by DOS attack on other customer tenant. Say there is DOS attach on a customer tenant that shares HANA cluster with your setup. Then your SAC system will see the impact of this attack.
  • Scale Out : You many need scale out to support your requirement. This is supported on private version.
  • Hyperscale Choice : Your organization may have a specific choice, private version is available on limited hyperscale. At present Public version is available on NEO (SAP Data center) as well as CF (AWS data centers), AZURE public version support coming in early 2021. Though there are not publicly available plan to support private version on AZURE. Say your company want to have all cloud setup on AZURE. This could be a decider.


  1. DB is shared though individual customer gets its own schema
  2. Private cloud setup do allow dedicated RAM, Storage and bandwidth per month, though some hardware setup remain shared with other customers.
  3. High Availability testing is allowed on public version provided that SAP Support is aware of this activity.
  4. Private version contact is based on restricted resource setup. Where public version do not have any limitation as such.
  5. Public version auto scale up.
  6. Tenant update cycle still remain under control of SAP's predefined cycle.

Hope you find this helpful.

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Hi Debjit,

thanls for this massive response. There are many points which I know will be of huge interest for my customers (e.g. Performance and Broadcasting).

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards,


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Hello Debjit,

Thanks a lot for all this input! One more question: does the private edition have a dedicated IP address? This would be another differentiator: if you want to connect SAC for example with Google Big Query, you would have to add the SAC IP address in the allow-list of your Google Cloud Platform account. For the SAC public edition that means all the SAC tenants on this data center which is of course many more tenants than your own. If the private edition would have a dedicated IP address, this issue would be solved.

Thanks and kind regards


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Hello sven.knpfler4,Thanks for your comments. Yes all private version of cloud offer network specific flexibility. This includes choice of fixed public facing IP address. IT comes with "almost" (and some extra) all the bells and whistles that you get owning on-premise datacenter. Kind of your own datacenter only this time you have it on someone else datacenter.Inbound connection from BigQuery to SAC is an inbuild function and do not require dedicated IP address. You can do it with public cloud as well.
Outbound data from SAC to BigQuery would be a different story. For starter, SAC contract do not allow data extraction to BIgQuery not to mention API support would be a challenge as well.Thanks,Debjit
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Thanks a lot Debjit! That answered all my questions. Have a great day.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Debjit, For scheduling Publications, Public and private editions of Tenants follows same concept of restrictions

hence, this statement is not true as mentioned in your comment :

  • Story publication & Broadcasting : Public tenants have restriction on how many publications are allowed per (License 5:1 Scheduling) hour. This limitation do not exist in private version.

For all customer tenants, please refer the blog: