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SAP Analytics Cloud : Hide models or Members

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I want to know if there is a way to hide or deactivate for users the possibility to see the file 'Planning Model' or if not to hide members in a dimension (public or private). Users must be able to read the models in the stories and add new members (for private & public dimension) but not been able to watch the dimension's members because of security concerns.

E.g I have a special dimension 'Demand' where users when clicking on a button can ask for new budget amount. They have to fill a form and give a comment (which is a property of the 'Demand' Dimension). When validated, a new demand ID is created as a member of the 'Demand' Dimension with the property 'Comment'. Others users must not be allowed to see this new member. The simpler would be that users are not allowed to see the members of 'Demand' Dimension.

Which security or permissions do I have to give?

Thanks in advance,

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