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SAP ALM Health Monitoring Stats showing Old Data

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Hi Friends,

I find this community forum to come close to most of my questions. My recent ask  is related to SAP CLOUD ALM Metrics,

Qs: In the attached image it can be seen the "Short dumps today" it shows Historical information of other system which is now not connected, 

1- Should it show historical data where System is not connected currently?

2- Can we control to remove the historical data and only see current connected System? 

Background: Configure Development Env to Integrate to Cloud ALM, then removed the integration and used Pre prod to be pointed to Cloud ALM.


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

To add to Paula's comments, development is working on a  feature that will allow the customer to set a date range, which could be a lesser time frame than the house keepin job and this the old alerts would not show.

As this is under development I cannot provide a date, but I can advise this feature is coming soon.