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SAP Advantage Database Server - Need Assistance setting up for Star Bill of Lading software

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Hello SAP Community,

I am trying to setup SAP Advantage Database server to use with a program called Star Bill of Lading by starresoft. My database files for the software are hosted on a shared network drive and workstations access the database from there. Typically, the SAP software is supposed to automatically detect a connection to the database, but for some reason it looks like its not listening on that file path, because when people connect, I don't see the connections on the program. I have installed the SAP software in that same network drive. Is there something I need to do to get to listen properly?

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You wrote "the SAP software is supposed to automatically..." but there's nothing default that's automatic about establishing a connection. Perhaps the BOL software is connecting in peer-to-peer "local server" mode and ignoring the ADS service that may be listening on port 6262 on the server. Perhaps port 6262 isn't open. Perhaps workstation and server are on different subnets. Many things could be getting in the way.

And, you've checked all the info here I assume -> Star Bill of Lading ( ?