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SAP 7.50 Single-File Installer with SAPUILandscape.xml Included

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I want to create a single-file install of SAP 7.50 to be deployed using Ivanti End-Point Manager. Since the deployment will go out to users who may be off the network when they receive their laptop I would like to have the installer copy SAPUILandscape.xml to the system during installation. My thought is to have it copy to the cache location and still have SAP setup to look for xml file on the server if it is online. This way if the user is off the network they will still see the connections, but if they are on the network SAP will check to make sure that the xml is the current one. Given that xml resides in the appdata of the user this may pose a problem of how to copy to all users.

As I write this I realize that if a user is off the network they would not have access to SAP, so whats the point to having connections that don't connect.

but... what if the server hosting the file is offline or some accidently deleted the xml on the server, this would allow users who never received the file to have something to work with.

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Hello Bryce,

If I understood you correctly you want to create a single-file installed and include/deploy the configuration files to the users (common folder).

However you also use a server configuration file.


1) If you use the same configuration files for both server and local configuration, the system connections will be displayed twice in SAP Logon (Pad)

2) When using a server configuration, you can use the SAP Logon option "Allow caching of server configuration files". This way even if the server is offline, the users will be able to use the cached server configuration file

3) Users should only have "read" access to the sever configuration file (via SAP Logon (Pad) they only have read access)

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